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Lemon Insurance

About the Project 

Lemon Insurance is a one stop shop for all insurance needs. Save up to 40% when compared to competitors. 

My Role

UX Designer, Prototyping, Testing, High fidelity 

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Problem Statement

The program needed a way to simplify the user's process of receiving a quote for their insurance

Solution Statement

Create a more condensed process of getting through the necessary questions required by the insurance company while allowing the user to know their progress throughout the application. 

User Journey Map & User Flow

I created a user's journey in order to understand their complete process. This allowed me to make adjustments to the flow of the website in order to help users reach their goals more efficiently. 

Wireframes & Prototypes

I began with low fidelity wireframes. The client had many ideas, and sketching it out helped eliminate many design options quickly.

At the beginning of my design process I created wireframes for testing purposes, and to keep costs lower for the project.

User Testing

  • Guerilla testing

  • Phone interview

  • Card sorting (Open/Close)

  • Moderated testing 

With this project I did not have a budget to work with for testing, so I had to get creative. I performed guerilla testing where I wanted to see if any person asked to get from beginning to end of the insurance application process would be able to do so.

Through phone interviews, specific tasks were given to see if users could complete them. 

Through all of my testing I found that users preferred seeing a timer counting down than the number of questions remaining to be completed. 

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My Takeaway 

I learned that many stakeholders don't grasp what UX is and the importance of it, which can lead to difficulty defending the user when making decisions with the stakeholders. That is when it becomes useful to have data from research to back up the user. 

I was also reminded of the value of helping the user see their progress in a process. Having a progress bar, or a time-frame allows the user to know how long the process will take. 

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