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About the Project 

"Moments that come back to you". With this app the user can record a video or take a picture and send it to a specific date and time in the future.

My Role

Co-Founder, User research, User interviews, Prototyping, Testing, High fidelity 


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Problem Statement

The biggest problem was that users were losing interest because they desired instant gratification, and this app is focused on receiving a memory at a later time. 

Solution Statement

Many features were added to provide opportunity for the gratification users were seeking such as: reminders, gift cards, sending instant messages, and a feed.

User research 

I used a variety of research methods to determine the needs our users had. The methods I used included: focus groups, interviews, surveys, observations, and viewing secondary data.cus Group


We had many iterations before we launched. The biggest challenge was attempting to solve the issue of users desiring instant gratification. We did a lot of A B testing. 

User Testing

  • Guerilla testing

  • Usability testing

  • A B testing

  • Market testing

The testing started from the stage of our MVP. After each round of testing, we iterated our app. We began with guerilla testing where we had a variety of subjects attempt to send a message through our prototype. Through each finding after testing we were able to make adjustments and improvements that we A B tested.  

Main Takeaway

Going through the process of creating this app helped me to truly understand what UX is, and the value of it. 

I learned that our issue with this app was that in the beginning we focused entirely on UI, which led to many problems. 

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