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My name is LJ Tirado, I love what I do and I love my family!

People ignore design that ignores people.

FIS Global 

Role: UX /UI, Research

FIS is an American multinational corporation that offers a wide range of financial products and services.

I am currently working on their online banking platform for business and consumer sides. I have been responsible for creating interactive customer flows, building a design system, and implementing strategies. I have been working closely with our product and engineering teams to design industry leading solutions. For research, I have been performing interviews, and synthesizing and building a research standard. I have also been assigned to migrate design from XD to Figma.

This design system annotates each aspect of the D1 platform so that anyone working on the project can find the information they might be looking for in one place. There is now one source of truth.

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Role: UX, UI, Marketing, Videos, Funding $$$

Boomr is an app I helped create where you can send messages to someone at a future date. The problem we found for our users was that they desired instant gratification, and waiting for a future message was not satisfying. We discovered we would need to target more specific audiences such as the military, missionaries, medical patients, etc. We began our process by creating low-fidelity prototypes and having our targeted personas use them. From all of our user research, we discovered a rise in usage when we added the option to capture live moments through video and pictures. I learned how important a positive user experience is in order to retain users.

Lemon Insurance

Role: UX, Prototyping, Testing, High fidelity

This is a car, home, and life insurance startup business. The problem was that the stakeholder wanted prototypes in order to visualize his ideas for his business website. I began by interviewing the stakeholder to understand the vision he had for his website. I then created personas, interviewed those target audiences, and began prototyping. I conducted user testing with a low fidelity prototype and created a high fidelity prototype based on the findings. Through the process of testing and prototyping, I was able to simplify the process for the user on this website. Through the process of simplifying the steps the user had to take on this website, I was reminded of the importance of showing the user their progress on a website by having progress bars in place.


Role: UX, Prototyping, High fidelity

This is a financial advisement company that has its own financial tracking software. The problem was that the stakeholder disliked his current design. The goal was to create a more eye-catching animation design. The process was to communicate with the stakeholder to understand his desires and then create animated graphics and web layouts that fit his unique preferences. I created several low-fidelity and later high-fidelity prototypes until they met what his unique desires were. I learned the importance of a high-fidelity prototype and how it is much more effective in helping an individual grasp the full picture of a project.

Pass 360

Pass 360

Role: Prototyping, and Testing

This is an app that can be purchased that grants access to thousands of discounts at different local merchants in Utah. The problem was that the original name was "Grubpass", but people were confusing it with the popular "Grubhub" app. So a rebrand was essential. The other problem was that it took multiple steps for a user to redeem a discount. The goal was to rebrand and limit the number of steps in order to redeem a discount to no more than three. The process was that surveys were conducted to determine the color, logo, and name that were most preferred by users. Prototypes were created and tested until we successfully limited the number of steps to only three in order to redeem a discount in the app. I was reminded that market research is key to any startup. I was also reminded that the less you make a user do in an app in order to accomplish what they want, the happier they will be.